Eligibility Verifications

Our Eligibility and Benefits verifications ensure claims are sent to the right party (i.e., Insurance or patient). We verify all important benefit information that is absolutely required to eliminate denials. Our eligibility and benefits verification provides accurate co-pay, deductible and out of pocket expenses.

“We charge $1.50 per patient verification. This enables you to save up to 30 % on your existing expenses”

Medical Coding

We offer comprehensive and flexible coding services to Hospitals, Physicians & Billing companies. Our transparent coding methodologies ensures that we provide accurate, cost effective and timely coding services to all our clients.

Our professional certified coders ensure accurate coding and timely payment from the insurance companies.

Our coders are well experienced and have access to various tools to ensure accuracy. Our medical coding services include:

  • CPT Coding
  • ICD Diagnosis coding
  • Specialty Based Coding

Our coders ensure there is no over coding resulting in compliance risk or under coding resulting in revenue loss for providers.

Our coding services ensure a saving of up to 50 % of your existing expenses.

Medical Billing Services

Our Medical Billing Services provide complete Revenue Cycle Management.

Our Services Include:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Demographics Registration
  • Charge Entries
  • Claims Billing
  • Insurance & Patient Follow-up
  • Payment Posting
  • Sending Patient Statements
  • Handle Patient Calls
  • Denials Management

Account Receivables Management

Our Account Receivable Management offers one stop outsourcing solutions to our clients. Our services are driven by proven collection performance methodology, which help to increase revenues. We establish clear productivity and performance metrics.

We ensure effective follow-up with both patients and Insurances. Our working methodology ensures all claims are paid within targeted time frame allotted per payer or by payer category. We have developed various monitoring tools to ensure consistent results and productivity.

Our multiple years of follow up experience ensure we provide customized services as per our client’s requirements. We adhere to strict follow-up and collection guidelines with detailed knowledge of payer requirements nationwide.