Outsourcing to India

India has been a preferred outsourcing destination of the world for Information technology and business process outsourcing services. India provides many positive advantages to the outsourcers throughout the world. Outsourcing to India has been possible due to a stable government, which encourages, supports and provides incentives to IT and BPO providers making it more attractive and reliable.

India has a population of more than 1 billion people with greater than 66% are below the age of 35. This means India is driven by young people. India has been producing few million graduates every year. This results in availability of highly educated skilled resources. Its growing infrastructure, technology and few decades of experience India has definitely leaped forward as the leading outsourcing destination. Outsourcing to India has become one of the embedded operations factor for many corporations across the world.

Many big corporations consider outsourcing to India not only for cost savings but mainly to get access to skilled resources. Leading Information technology companies in the world always look for great talents all over the globe. It is very important to keep their competitive advantage and come out with new programs and software. Innovation requires talented minds and needs opportunities. Initial outsourcing to India started because there were more requirements for skilled resources. Y2K issue and compliance was a major starting point creating need for more resources. This start made it possible for the big corporations to realize the efficiency and advantages of outsourcing to India.

Outsourcing to India has various benefits:

Cost Effective Solutions & Services:

India has the ability to provide skilled resources and efficient solutions at a lower cost. This helps outsourcing companies to save anywhere between 30%-60%.

Turnaround Time:

Indian standard time is ahead of US and European time zones. This time difference brings in advantage when a work is outsourced and expected to be completed on daily basis. Many IT and BPO companies operate 24*7 providing good customer services.

Skilled Resources:

India graduates are very skilled in Information technology, science, mathematics and more. Good education combined with proper project specific training makes it an excellent human resource.


Most of the Indian companies adopt ISO and Six sigma quality metrics and processes. This helps them to deliver assigned projects with high quality.

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