Offshore outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing of medical coding and billing is cost effective. Clients are assured of faster delivery of the medical bills that are regulation compliant and error free, completely ready for reimbursement.

Through our offshore outsourcing we provide HIPAA specific multispecialty medical billing through a continuous process of 24X7 work flow cycle for faster resolution of the bills. By offshore outsourcing the tasks through us, clients can conveniently expand their business of medical coding & billing and medical practices, for better and additional revenue generation.

We ensure complete data security for our clients for the assigned outsourced offshore medical coding and billing data by means internal check & balance mechanisms. The end-to-end encrypted data pertaining to or necessary for documentation, coding, analysis, reporting or finalization of the medical bills are always kept completely safe and secure that cannot be compromised.

The offshore coders engaged for compilation of the bills are trained and experienced, who are also proficient in dealing with a variety of specialized medical services and specific coding procedures as necessary.

Clients who are currently maintaining medical coding and billing professional hubs, spending much can significantly bring down the overall costs of such operation by outsourcing the work through us.

Call us in confidence, to learn more about the benefit of offshore outsourcing of your medical coding and billing tasks and the cost saving services offered by us.

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