Offshore Medical Billing Services

Offshore Medical Billing Services specializes in Medical billing, Medical coding, accounts receivable management and other healthcare ancillary services.

Offshore Medical Billing Services is one of the leading healthcare revenue cycle management service providers for Healthcare entities across the US. We have multi-specialty expertise in medical billing and coding ranging from General Practice to more complicated specialties. Outsourcing medical billing and coding services to offshore medical billing company not only been cost effective but also possess the ability to deliver high quality consistently. We work has a trusted back office to many medical billing companies and healthcare entities. Our ability to scale up and scale down on resources based on requirement has given great financial flexibility to outsourcers.

Offshoremedicalbilling service offers revenue cycle management on multiple integrated Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records. This helps to reduce training time and get started on transition quickly. We provide the following revenue cycle services as either virtual extension to your existing billing teams or as an extended medical billing office and, also to leverage as a combined package or as tailor made solutions to meet the specific need of your practice. For (e.g) focusing on reducing AR, aged AR cleanup or credentialing.

Offshore medical billing services are tailored to fit your needs with end to end RCM services.

It is easy to believe that nothing is complicated. A discussion with us can change your problems.

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