Offshore Medical Billing Company

The offshore medical billing company works on behalf of their principal clients, providing medical coding and billing services. The service provider usually going through a 24×7 work schedule is able to track, document, process and prepare the final medical bills complete in all respect for reimbursement by the concerned insurers. Since the services of the conveniently located offshore medical billing company is very much cost effective, the medical service providers like specialist doctors, hospitals, clinics and other intermediary onshore medical coding and billing companies entrust their tasks to them.

For any offshore medical billing works, the primary medical service rendering clients and intermediary onshore coding, or bill processing companies can conveniently delegate their tasks to us for a fraction of the costs that they are spending at present.


As a responsible outsourcing company in the USA, we ensure complete confidentiality and safety for the clients’ and patients’ data. Our medical coders and billing experts are experienced and dedicated who prepare regulatory compliant medical bills that are accepted by the Insurers on first presentation.

Prospective customers who would like to delegate the medical coding and billing tasks to a competent and well accepted offshore medical billing company  can contact us to know more about our highly acclaimed services to generate more genuine revenue  for the services dispensed by them.

Need we sat that, we already have growing clients base and our clients are satisfied with our highly meticulous and systematic work delivery processes by subscribing to our efficient offshore medical billing services.

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