Eligibility Verification

Healthcare Insurance Eligibility verification services describes who can render what care of medical services and under what circumstances, ensuring that patients are eligible for services well before medical care is rendered. This process can help practices dramatically increase revenue and reduce their accounts receivable cycle, by significantly reducing the impact of claims denial due to ineligibility.Unfortunately, patient insurance eligibility verification is the one most neglected practice in the revenue cycle.

We follow stringent methodology and various tools to identify patient coverage benefits, accurate information on deductibles, co-pays, co Insurance and much more. Our expert verification teams provide specialty specific payer eligibility and benefits on real time. We access online verification portal, call insurance company to get the required information. If required we also speak to the dedicated provider representative at insurance company’s to ensure we have all the required authorization and referrals.

Our services ensures all healthcare services rendered are reimbursed and the financial responsibility is educated to patient well before their visit to your office. This helps physicians office increase their upfront collections saving your staff and billers time. Our report is accurate and gives you detailed necessary information.

Benefits of outsourcing patient eligibility and authorization verification:

-Reduces administrative costs, including employee expenses, overhead and more

-Reduces claim rejections dramatically and restricts denials

-Increases up front collections and educate patients out of pocket expenses

Outsourcing patient insurance eligibility and pre authorization verification streamlines the complete medical billing process, leading to better productivity So if you are serious about getting the claims accepted, on the first submissionand keeping your profitability high, consider outsourcing your insurance eligibility and pre authorization verification to a proficient offshore medical billing partner. This will prove to be the best business move you’ve made in recent times.

Related Services (optional):

-Obtain referral from PCP

-Obtain Pre- Authorization Number

-Enter or update Patient demographics

-Remind patient of out of pocket expenses

Call us to know how we deliver cost savings and achieve collections goals for healthcare entities.

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